How Many Solar Panels will be Required for My Rooftop Solar System?

This is among the most common questions asked by people before installing a rooftop solar system. The number of solar panels deployed on your rooftop depends on the size of the solar system that you plan to install. This, in turn, depends on the load requirements of your house.

What does the number of panels depend on?

Your energy usage (or load requirement) is the most important factor to consider when you want to install a rooftop solar system.

Depending on the energy usage of your home, you size the system required for your particular installation.

Calculating the number of panels required

Consider the following formula to calculate the number of panels for your solar power system.

Number of panels = system size/panel rating

So if you plan to install a 2KW solar rooftop system, the number of panels depend on the size of panel that are available. Assuming 250 watt panels are utilized for your 2KW installation, you will need 8 panels.

Although the average solar panel rating is 250 watts, there are solar panels in the ranging from 200 watts to as high as 350 watts. So depending on the solar panel rating provided by the installer, you may size the solar system according to your needs.

It is important for the system designer to be aware of the rooftop space available before deciding on how many panels are to be installed.

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