How Critical are Mounting Structures for a Rooftop Solar Power Plant?

What are solar mounting structures?

Mounting systems can often be the most complicated portion of a solar PV system installation as they form the foundation of the system – they protect the modules, the roof and people over a lifetime that can exceed 25 years.

Thus, it can be seen that solar mounting structures are far more critical to the performance of solar power plants than most people think.

Why are they critical?

Solar panels perform at their best when they face perpendicular to the sun’s rays. But the sun’s position with respect to the solar panel changes throughout the day and over the seasons.

There are times when the direction of your roof may not be facing the optimal direction for maximum production. In such as scenario, rooftop mounting systems are utilized to position the panels in the required direction.

What benefits do they offer?

  • Maximizes energy production

They orient the panels to receive maximum solar energy possible. Appropriate layout of arrays becomes very important for optimized cable length as well as optimized energy production.

  • Enhances stability of the module

They provide stability to the module/panel and hold them stable in the areas of strong winds.

  • Fortification

Rooftop mounted solar panels protect your roof from adverse weather conditions and, wear and tear. This, in turn, increases the lifetime value of your roof and structure.


Care should be taken while selecting the type of mounting structure required for the installed rooftop solar as they have the direct influence towards the performance of the solar plant. Although mounting systems add to the cost of a solar power plant, they are essential to maintain the structural stability of the rooftop solar system and maximize the energy output.

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