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Many regions around the world have poor sunlight most times of the year, and one has to be selective before deciding to have solar panels for power generation in these regions.

What do we mean by low sunshine, in a mathematical sense?

We mean that the Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI), a measure of solar radiation, will be lower than 3 kWh/m2/day for these regions. That is, the direct sunlight you get per m2 per day will be lower than kWh.

For these regions, how much electricity generation can you can expect from a 1 kW solar panel?

Assuming you have bought a good quality solar panel and are maintaining it well through periodical cleaning, you can get on average 2.5-3 kWh per day for these regions.

Please note that this average is over a year – which means that on some days (summer for instance), you could get a lot more than 3 kWh per day while on a rainy day, you could be getting a lot less, but taking the total over a year, you will get on average 2.5-3 kWh/day for these high sunshine regions.

While having solar panels for electricity generation is recommended for most, if not all, regions with moderate or high sunlight, solar PV based power generation might not work out economically for regions with low or very low sunlight, especially if your region has a DNI of lower than 2.5 kWh/m2/day.


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