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Quality of India’s Solar Installations Compromised in the Race to Low Tariffs

Now, this should not come as any surprise at all: Many leading personalities from the Indian solar sector feel that the quality of many solar power plant installations in the country could be suffering as developers try to execute costs at really low costs to meet the low tariffs that are resulting from many of the government auctions.

I mean, it […]

Solar Module Big Six to Reach 50% Global Mkt Share by 2016 – Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q CELLS, JA Solar, JinkoSolar, Trina Solar & Yingli Green

According to a research report from PV Tech, the big-six c-Si module suppliers in the solar PV industry today – Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q CELLS, JA Solar, JinkoSolar, Trina Solar and Yingli Green – are forecast to increase market share again in 2016, taking their collective market share of global module supply to almost 50%.

This inference […]

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Solar Trackers – Their on-the-ground benefits and challenges – Perspectives from prominent tracker manufacturers

Read an excellent article on the use of solar trackers from this Greentech Media report.

The news report uses perspectives from some of the top (US) solar tracker makers.

While of course, each tracker maker expectedly highlights some of the features from their own trackers, a few common points stand out as common:

Use of single-axis for ground-mounted solar power plants […]

Solar Panel Performance – How Many Years Can Solar Panels Perform Well?

A few years back, I recall meeting the head of a prominent global solar cell/module company.

Both of us were waiting our respective turns to make a presentation to a large Indian corporate, and we started talking while thus waiting.

Many things he mentioned about his company’s panels were no news to me. I knew they made some of the […]

Read this before ordering cable for solar projects

Read an interesting, detailed article on the various parameters to be used while purchasing cables for solar power plants.

How often does one think of cables and wires while considering a solar power plant. If one is new to these, one doesn’t. Most often, the highlight is on panels, inverters and some times, mounting structures.

Cables? Very rarely.

But as any experienced EPC will tell you, […]

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What are Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Solar Panels?

Going by the hype in the market with many panel makers claiming they are Tier 1, one would have thought that there is a clear standards body that attests the various panels as belonging to one tier or the other.

But you will be surprised to know that there appears (as far as I have searched) to […]

What are the different grades of solar panels?

Here’s a nice and useful article I found on the important theme of solar panel grades.

Most times, buyers of solar panels keep hearing about grades of solar panels but most don’t have a clue of what these grades mean.

This article provides a detailed explanation – see here


Grade – A normally means a panel has no visible defects and all […]

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Top Solar Panels Compared on Prices, Wattage, Efficiency and Power Tolerance

An interesting comparison here by Choice Australia of the world’s top solar panels.

The prominent panel brands compared are:

JA Solar

Main parameters on which these have been compared are:

Power Tolerance
Length & Width

Wish to purchase high performing solar panels?

Talk to our Expert team – Send a note to

As a commentator has […]

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High Efficiency Solar Panels Could Mean Solar Can Live Without Subsidies Soon

A spate of announcements recently saw mainstream solar module efficiencies reach 20+%, well in fact, 22% and above.

First, it was SolarCity that said it will roll out 22% efficiency; within a couple of days, Panasonic shot back saying its modules off its module line had 22.5% efficiency, all the time SunPower looking at them saying its module […]

Thin Film Solar Cell – Getting More Power Out of Semiconductor Materials

Summary: Thin film solar cells use much less semi-conductor material than crystalline solar cells.

You might have heard about Thin Film Solar Cells. What indeed are they? Why are they called “thin film”? And what advantages do these have over conventional solar cells?

Most times, when we talk about solar cells, we are referring to what are called […]

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