What Types of Roofs are Required for a Solar Plant Installation?

Ensuring that your roof is appropriate to install solar panels is an important decision as it contributes to your installation costs. To understand this, let us consider the following questions.

What kind of roofs are suitable for a solar plant installation?

Solar panels can be installed on almost all kinds of rooftops. The complexities involved in installing a solar panel may differ with different rooftops. The most popular rooftop styles which are considered favorable for solar installations are asphalt shingled rooftop and metal rooftop.
Asphalt shingled rooftops are the very common and solar installers are familiar with their installation. Although they have a low cost of installation, they are not the best installations for the long term.


Metal roofs provide the following advantages for rooftop solar:

  • Lightness
  • Durability (lasts 30-50 years)
  • Energy efficient (by keeping roof temperatures low)

In the case of metal roofs and some concrete tiled roofs, the solar panels can be clamped into the roof instead of making holes for fasteners.
Ceramic tiled and wooden shake rooftops are difficult for solar installers to work with. Due to their brittle nature, tiles may break off during installation and fixing them adds to the total installation costs.
Flat roofs are easy to install but they will require additional mounts and racks to angle the panels.
In some countries where asbestos roofs are common, solar installers are hesitant to work with it due to the health hazards posed by drilling or cracking it. It is recommended not use asbestos roof for solar installations.


Solar panel weight can be withstood by most roofs. So, broadly speaking solar panels can be installed on most roofs. But it must be emphasized that metal roofs and asphalt shingle roofs are the most preferred for solar panel installation.
Often, the kind of roof attachment required and the need for mounting structures dictate the suitability of a roof for solar panel installation.


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