Solar Mango, the #1 Solar Guide, provides focused, specialized assistance for specific needs of Solar Power Plant Developers in India.

If you are planning to put up a solar plant, you will need expert assistance to ensure that you install the highest quality solar power plant at the optimal costs.The Solar Mango expert team can help you get there.

The following are the two specific expert services Solar Mango provides to solar power plant developers:
SPP Guidance


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Assistance in Implementing a Captive Solar Power Plant
Who is it for: Companies putting up solar power plants for captive consumption

With the cost of solar power decreasing all the time and is already cheaper than cost of grid power in many regions across India, a number of businesses are keen on putting up solar power plants for their captive power needs. Solar Mango can provide turnkey assistance for companies to implement optimal captive solar power plants.Know more about our assistance for Captive Solar Power Plants from here.

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Assistance in Implementing MW Scale Power Plants for Companies or Individuals New to Solar Sector
Who is it for: Companies or individuals new to solar power but putting up solar power plants
If you are planning to put up a solar plant but are new to this sector, you will need expert assistance in order to ensure that you install the highest quality solar PV power plant at the optimal costs. Solar Mango can provide turnkey assistance for you to get there. Know more about our assistance for MW scale solar power developers from here.

Making mistakes while purchasing or investing in solar energy can be very costly. Avoid these mistakes by using the guidance from Solar Mango.
About Solar Mango

Solar Mango is the #1 Guide for Solar, with a special focus on India.For India, in addition to providing guidance on a variety of solar energy aspects for the entire spectrum of end users, Solar Mango also provides custom consulting and research for the following:

  • Assisting Solar Power Developers/Independent Power Producers in their power plant installations – financial feasibility analysis, EPC section, assistance in financial closure, report preparation
  • Corporation Diversification Strategy for solar energy opportunities – market potential analysis & entry strategy
  • Assisting International Firms to enter the Indian solar energy sector – market potential analysis, entry strategy and marketing channel set up
  • Feasibility and Strategy Consulting for companies setting up manufacturing facilities for the solar sector – market status update, technical and economic feasibility, assistance in machinery vendor selection

Sirwar Solar Power Project

Background: A client holding a PPA under the Karnataka Land Owning Farmer’s Scheme, required turnkey assistance for solar PV power plant implementation. The client approached Solar Mango for assistance in the entire process of solar power plant development – from financial modeling until the time the power plant starts exporting power to the grid.

Location: Sirwar, Raichur Dist, Karnataka

Capacity: 2.2 MW DC

Scope of Work

  1. EPC Selection
    • Providing intelligence to the client on the types of EPCs available and the pros and cons of each type of EPC
    • Using Solar Mango’s vast network with EPCs, interact with a range of EPCs to select the one that qualifies on all or most parameters
    • Arrive at the best possible cost with the ideal EPC
  1. DPR Preparation and assistance in securing bank loan
  • Prepare a professional DPR to secure banker’s confidence
  • Explore diverse avenues for securing loans by utilizing Solar Mango’s contacts in the banking and finance circles
  • Arrive at the best possible financing deal for the client
  1. Financial Modeling to Provide Precise Estimates on Costs and Returns
  • Detailed cash flow analysis to estimate the project and equity IRRs for the project
  1. Additional Services:
  • Oversight on component selection
  • Hard negotiations with the EPC and solar tracker company to ensure client’s faith in tracker implementation


  • Direct cost savings up to Rs 40 lakhs/MW due to interest rate cuts and Buyer’s credit
  • Assurance of enhanced performance of the power plant by expert hand-holding in component selection


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